The following provides examples of the wide ranges of recoveries that we have made for clients. Whether there is a very serious injury and a large claim or a less serious injury and a smaller claim, The Coolidge Law Firm wants to obtain a reasonable settlement for each client. Even in a small case, if we feel that the insurance company is not being fair to the client, we will not hesitate to bring the matter to trial.

Industrial Accident $ 6,000,000 Man severely injured in a de-gloving industrial accident
Products Liability / Medical Misdiagnosis $ 3,000,000 A roofer was severely injured when roofing brackets failed
Seat Belt Injury in Car Accident $ 3,000,000 Seat belt injury leading to wrongful death
Medical Malpractice $ 3,000,000 Anesthesiologist medical malpractice
Lottery Ticket Ownership $ 2,000,000 Co-owner of lottery ticket tried to keep all winnings. Jury verdict awards one half to client
Pedestrian Accident $ 275,000 Elderly client struck in crosswalk by town worker going to lunch
Industrial Accident $ 200,000 De-gloving injury covered by workers’ compensation
Automobile Collision $ 250,000 Automobile Collision
Product Liability $ 250,000  Design flaw / defect firearm
Product Liability $ 100,000 Design defect baseball catcher’s helmet
Workers’ Compensation $ 100,000 Injury / Bee stings
Car Accident $ 100,000 Seat belt injury
Automobile Accident on Highway
(Suit and Mediation)
$ 800,000 The client struck a tractor trailer which had pulled into the street without giving the client time to stop.
Rear-End Collision – Traffic Light
(Jury Verdict)
$ 7,500 Client suffered whiplash. Insurance company offered $4,000
Rear-End Collision – Traffic Light
$ 165,000 Client suffered nerve damage to the knee
 Parked Vehicle Accident $ 110,000 Client stopped at side of road struck by another vehicle. Soft tissue injuries / Aggravation of sciatica
Motorcycle Accident $ 1,300,000 Severe injury to client’s lower legs
Motor Vehicle Accident $ 87,500 Client was a passenger in a head-on collision.
Slip and Fall – Supermarket Parking Lot $ 15,000 Client injured arm when she slipped on ice and banged her arm on the car door
Rear-end Collision – Stop-and-go Traffic in Boston $ 12,000 Client suffered soft tissue whiplash-type injury
Rear-end Collision – Alton Traffic Circle $ 9,000 Client suffered whiplash injuries
Intersection Accident $ 45,000 Client suffered broken arm which needed surgical repair
Slip and Fall at a Business $ 62,000 Client suffered a badly broken ankle when she slipped on ice
Highway accident – Drunk driver $ 485,000 Client suffered broken bones and had extended time for recovery
Motor Vehicle Rollover $ 285,000 Passenger suffered severely broken arm
Motor Vehicle Highway Collision
(Arbitration Award)
$ 150,000 Client suffered severely fractured ankle
Bicycle/Car collision $ 37,500 Client suffered extensive soft tissue injuries