Civil Litigation

Civil litigation usually resolves around trying to get money from other people when there is no insurance. How well a house is built, services provided, and money paid on a loan are all part of civil litigation.

Small Claims Court

Since 2015 a person or entity may sue any person or business that allegedly owes or has caused damage of $10,000.00 or less as a Small Claim. A Small Claim is a simple, speedy, and informal procedure before a justice of a district or municipal court. Any claim in excess of $5,000 is subject to mandatory mediation. Small Claims are often the best way to resolve disputes because a typical trial can easily exceed $5,000 in attorney fees.

Claims Economics

The first consideration in starting civil litigation is whether it is an economically sensible thing to do. Any attorney can take your money and spend it and show no results. Having spent your money without results leaves you with no choice but to quit before you finish, because you simply cannot afford the process. We will analyze, if your claim is economically viable before proceeding.

Fighting for Success

The attorneys at the Coolidge Law Firm will never take a case which does not have a likelihood of success, even if you’re offering to pay us by the hour. We will give you our honest assessment not only on whether you can win, but also whether you can collect.

We Have the Skills to Litigate in all Courts

We are skilled in all the circuit courts, district courts, probate courts, and superior courts in Maine and New Hampshire to litigate your claim effectively and efficiently. We have a very common sense and practical approach to litigation – this law firm will not endlessly bill you in order to research theoretical issues of law, we want  to maximize the return and minimize the attorney fees.