Real Estate Law

The Coolidge Law Firm has extensive knowledge in Real Estate Law; whether you are buying or selling a home or have questions about any other real estate transaction, call us to discuss your issue: (603) 692-4282

We’ll Guard Against the Pitfalls

If you are thinking about a real estate transaction or if you are involved in a dispute about real estate, it is important to have a lawyer explain your rights. A wide range of issues that may not have crossed your mind may come into play: property taxes, property deeds, neighbor relations, mortgages and insurance, real estate warranties.

Let the Coolidge Law Firm help you with

  • General Real Estate Law
  • Buying/Selling Property
  • Adverse Possession
  • Neighbor Disputes
  • Condo Association Law
  • Mortgage and Foreclosure Law
  • Commercial Leases
Review Every Document

In any commercial or residential real estate transaction it is important to be represented by an experienced attorney to review offers, purchase and sale agreements and other closing documents. Short sales – properties worth less than loans against it – are another important area where the advice of a qualified real estate lawyer is indispensable.

Multi-Disciplinary Approach

Our background in related areas of law like municipal law, estate planning and business law allows us evaluate your situation from different angles and find the right solutions for your issues.

Whether you have questions about land use, zoning, partitioning, titles for real estate or leases, condos, finances – you’ll find competent advice from the Coolidge Law Firm. Call us at (603) 692-4282 for commercial or residential real estate representation.