Zoning and Land Use

Zoning is the process of dividing land in a municipality into zones (e.g. residential, industrial) in which certain land uses are permitted or prohibited. The type of zone determines whether planning permission for a given development is granted.

Land Use

Land use involves the management and modification of natural environment or wilderness into built environment such as settlements and pastures, and managed woods. Federal, state, and local governments regulate growth and development through statutory law. Judicial decisions and enforcement of private land-use arrangements can reinforce public regulation, and achieve forms and levels of control that regulatory zoning cannot.

Experienced Counsel

The Coolidge Law Firm represents both residential and commercial developers and property owners. We have the knowledge and familiarity with the administrative processes you need for acquiring special permits and variances, with re-zoning applications, subdivision approvals and building permits, and other land use issues. With 40+ years of experience in governmental regulations and extensive land use litigation we are the prime contact to resolve your problems – call us at (603) 692-4282

Detailed Knowledge

Over the years we have developed close relationships with local planning staff and officials, and provide assistance in modifying ordinances and adopting legislation in favor of your project. Our detailed knowledge of the processes can be instrumental in securing local government contracts. We work with development authorities and other governmental bodies to achieve the best solution amicably, but will not hesitate to present your case to a Governmental Review Board or a judge for approval.

Our Approach

The attorneys at the Coolidge Law Firm will work hard to identify any legal issues right at the start. We’ll investigate thoroughly and focus on developing a strategy to resolve disputes on the outset. Feasibility studies and other assessments can help eliminate or ease roadblocks for development, without the need for costly litigation in court. Please contact us as early as possible in your project for an evaluation: (603) 692-4282