What is my case worth?

The answer to this question is “it depends”. Your case is unique. You are the only person who has experienced the collision and suffering from injuries. A lot will depend on how good a recovery you have.

No lawyer should ever try to tell you at the beginning of a case what that case is worth. If a lawyer tells you in a first phone call what your case is worth or what he is going to get for you, you should think twice about hiring that lawyer.

The value of a case should be assessed only after treatment is completed. After analyzing the case carefully and providing a range of value for you, even the most experienced lawyers will tell you that the insurance company will not meet that value, and trial will be necessary. The attorney can formulate an opinion based on his experience and recent Court cases as to what a judge and jury are likely to award after trial. A jury may bring back an award that is higher or lower than the attorney’s estimate. There are so many variables that can affect the outcome that no one can positively predict what a jury will do. That is why the vast majority of cases settle before going to Court.